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Friday, April 2, 2010

how was my day, you ask?

I am in the midst of potting up over 1,000 tomato seedlings - taking all the teeny, tiny, little soil blocks and transplanting them into four inch pots. It all looks good on paper, then reality kicks you in the ankle in the form of thousands of seedlings that all want to be planted now. I'm doing it as fast as I can because they're not waiting for me to catch up. I asked nicely if they could pause a bit in their rampant surge of growth, but without even deigning to answer, the little buggers just keep growing. And waiting not so patiently behind them are all the other little sprouts eager to move up in the world. Add to that everything else that desperately needs to get done around here now that spring has moved in, and let's just say I'm a tad frazzled. But in a good way, if that's possible.

So after an early morning spent potting, the plan was to head out to a gallery to deliver a couple pieces of art. To add to the frazzle factor, when making my way through the barn, I realized Mayapple had delivered a little black lamb and was in the process of delivering a white one. This was a tough pregnancy for May and so I jumped in to see if the little squirts were alright. They're tiny, much smaller and thinner than they probably should be and so I spent quite a bit of time making sure they dried off and got something in their bellies. Unfortunately, May is exhausted and has little care for her newborns. None of the three of them, mother and sons, are out of the woods yet. So unless she quickly recovers her strength, I may end up supplementing the boys with bottles.

In between checking lambs, I also managed to get more tomatoes potted before having to clean up and go to an evening meeting at another gallery.

Today was a perfect example of the trichotomy of my life these days - plants, animals, and art. I love it. I am where I want to be, I think. Even if frazzled.

Griselda the goose has gotten down to the business of sitting on her clutch of ten eggs. They ought to hatch about April 27th.


Michelle said...

I'm concerned about my new white ram lamb, too. Mom is very solicitous, but he has gotten LESS spunky since birth. In fact, I wasn't really expecting to find him alive this morning, but he was. Don't have a small enough tube to tube feed him; Rick is supposed to bring one home later. In the meantime, I've given him a shot of corn syrup for energy and am headed down to give him another; hypoglycemia is a real concern in these newborns. Of course, it is rainy-cold and nasty today, and I think Inky could lamb anytime now and I really don't have room for another lamb jug and DON'T have another heat lamp! Sigh; lambing this year just isn't as much fun.

Teri said...

"plants, animals and art".....
Sounds like a fantastic place to be, albeit a very busy season!
Good luck with your new babies. Hope they all pull through :o)