welcome, and thank you for joining me on my farm and studio in southern lancaster county, pennsylvania

Saturday, July 15, 2017

the farm and social media

Of late, I've been busily trying to bring the farm up to speed in terms of social media. It seems everyone has their favorite platform and it can be hard to keep up and sort it all out. That being said, I've started a YouTube channel as well as accounts for Instagram, Twitter, and of course the old standby, Facebook. It will be a lot to keep up with, but what the heck, right?
My focus will be on the YouTube channel and I'd like to invite you to subscribe here. The goal is to do maybe three videos a week. I see it as possibly the best way to give folks a chance to see what's going on as close to a firsthand look as possible without actually being here. The first several videos are a farm tour, so feel free to stop by for a virtual visit.
YouTube: Kathleen Stoltzfus • Tulip Tree Hill
Instagram: tuliptreehill
Twitter: @tuliptreehill
Facebook: the tiny little farm at Tulip Tree Hill