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Sunday, April 18, 2010

after the festival

I had a great time at the Pennsylvania Herb Festival! But there are two things - first, although I took my camera along, I also completely and totally forgot to take any photos to share with you! (Bad blogger! Bad!) Second, I am simply exhausted. It was non-stop activity all last week, starting with dealing with all the little details preparing for the event, loading up Thursday night, unloading and setting up then manning the booth on Friday, loading up additional plants Friday night, unloading on Saturday, manning the booth, and finally tearing the booth down, driving home and unloading one more time. Not complaining at all, but whew!

I met the most wonderful people at the festival, had some very interesting conversations, and sold many seedlings. All in all, it was well worth my time to be there. Oh, and bonus - I bought a nice little bay leaf tree which I'll pot up and grow in the greenhouse along with my meyer lemon and persian lime trees.

The next event will be at Lancaster's Eastern Market for the May Day celebration. A much smaller event to be sure, but looking forward to it since the emphasis is on gardening and, of course, local produce. After that it will be the Landis Valley Herb and Garden Faire, Friday, May 7th and Saturday May 8th. Then we settle into market season starting Thursday May 27 at the Willow Street growers market and Saturday, May 29 at Eastern Market. Both of these run all summer through the end of October.

I'm looking forward to it all!


Jody M said...

Hi! It was great talking to you! I got some pictures of the fair, but I didn't get any of your booth (sorry, I should have but I felt weird doing it).

I picked up a heather plant from the Heather & Heath people, we got some of those vinegars (nom nom), and a couple pieces of polish pottery. And loads of information.

I'll be ordering soon! Hope to see you again sometime.

Sheltie Owner said...

Glad to hear your first festival was a success. I was dog trialing all weekend (Thursday to Sunday) and was sorry to miss your debut. Next time...


Teri said...

So glad it was such a success for you! Must feel great to get your first one under your belt!