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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

digging in the dirt

Instead of digging the run-off trenches, the excavator spent much of the day trenching and laying conduit for the electric and water lines...

From the house,
To the barn. (The greenhouse will be at the other end of this barn.)
Take a good, close look at that pile of dirt. A lot of rocks, with just enough dirt to hold them together. This is why it drains so well here and it's rare you'll ever see standing water, even after days of steady rain. This is also why I hate digging any sort of hole, whether it's for fence posts or trees or anything else, really.
Tomorrow the plumber comes to connect the pipes in the basement. Hopefully the run-off trenches and any final earth-moving will also get done because I'd really like to get things re-seeded as quickly as possible while there's still a chance for new grass to grow before it gets cold.


Sheltie Owner said...

I LOVE this blog. So interesting and entertaining. You certainly are changing this up at Tulip Tree Hill. Can't wait to see the greenhouse in person.


Jody M said...

We have a lot of rocks, too, but are also stuck with clayish soil in some places. We get soggy here pretty fast.