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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Micro-Eco Farming

I read this a little while ago and posted about it on my other blog, but thought the subject matter would be more appropriate here. As I said then, the book is somewhat lightweight, but also interesting and inspiring. It explores the emergence of "micro-farms" - farmers that are operating on tiny acreages and achieving high yields using organic and sustainable practices.

One of the books that inspired me to try my own tiny little farm, it started me thinking about what and how I could grow things.
What: Heirloom fruits and vegetables that might have fallen out of favor due to their inability to be shipped or held for long distances and times, but which could be perfect for local consumption.
How: Restoring and improving the health and balance of the soil, thereby increasing the health and nutrition of what we eat. Specifically, I'll be adding lime this fall, and greensand and kelp in the spring. I'd also like to source rock dust. All of these amendments contain micro-nutrients that can be lost due to poor farming methods and which chemical fertilizers can't replace. I have also added and will continue to add straw and animal bedding as mulch and have begun composting almost everything that doesn't walk away.

Part of the fun of this is to see just how much of a difference can be made in the health and productivity of the garden.

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Jennifer and Steve said...

thank you! we so loved the georgia o'keeffe video. we explored up in o'keeffe country a few years ago and the landscapes are stunning! new mexico is such a special place. thanks again for sharing...