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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

going places

Delicately balanced through his forward momentum, this crow has places to go, people to see, and things to do. Busy, busy busy.

You know, sometimes we are so busy trying to get where we're going that we fail to enjoy the moment. Crowding our lives with so much activity that we don't even notice we've lost the ability to be still. How long has it been since you've laid on your back in the grass and watched the clouds go by? Or sat on a porch swing with your eyes closed and listened to the sound of birds? Or gone outside at dawn just to breathe deeply of the morning mist before the rest of the world wakes up? Try it. Slow your brain down and think of nothing but the enjoyment of the moment. It will fill your heart up.

At Diddywopps & Keeffers gallery in Monkton, MD.


Anonymous said...

Fiona started Kindergarten. New people, away from home, busy, long days...PTO, open house, fund raisers. Solution, drive 4 hours to Potter County on the darkest night of the month. Lay in the grass, look up and hear, "look mama, the milky way." Slowing down is what we all need more of. Thanks for you words.
xo Amy

Sheltie Owner said...

LOVE the use of the caster wheel. Another most excelent piece.