welcome, and thank you for joining me on my farm and studio in southern lancaster county, pennsylvania

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Planting, weeding, mulching, pruning, trellising, harvesting, marketing. Repeat endlessly.

I. will. never. be caught up.

Resigning myself to that, I now feel better.


Michelle said...

Hey, it's your JOB! One never gets caught up on one's job, do they? It's always there, day after day - or at least that's the hope for so many people worried about losing theirs. Another day, another dollar; keep on keeping on (Wish I was there to offer you a back-rub, though.)

Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

Absolutely it's my job and I love it. It's just that some things fall further behind than I'd like - not meeting my own expectations, you know?