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Sunday, June 6, 2010

please allow me to clarify... acceptance

I never meant to sound complaining in that last post. Perhaps rather than "resigned", the word I should have used was "acceptance". It's a bit like giving myself permission to relax a little about self-imposed schedules and expectations. Okay, so the new plot looks like a golf course with it's lovely inch-high cover of crab grass, interspersed with orderly rows of crops. On the upside, when the kale was harvested yesterday, it was very clean due to it's crab grass carpet. And while the mulching and weeding will all get done eventually, things may look a little rough in the meantime. The farm might not look picture-perfect, weedless, and pristine this week, month, or even year, but that is my eventual goal. It's the image I keep in my head and the filter through which I see things when looking around. A place of production and beauty. Rich, healthy soil brimming with nutrients, teeming with life, bringing forth healthy food, while being lovely to look at. That's where I want this to go. Eventually. In the meantime, I'm accepting that not everything will get done and it won't always look nice. But - the food is healthy, the work is good, and this is where I want to be.


Sheltie Owner said...

Well said, Kathy. I'm so happy for you in your new venture; it certainly *is* where you should be.

Teri said...

" A place of production and beauty". Thats wonderful (may I borrow it?? ) That sums it all up. And even though I didn't see your previous post until just now, I completely understand. Managing self-imposed expectations is always a difficult one for me too. I know in my mind what I want to see when I look out at the gardens, and then I open my eyes! LOL Its all good - you're doing a great job........so much more than any of us can even imagine doing. Keep focused on the end result. A: You're providing great food B: You're loving what you're doing (which really should be A) Not many people can say that these days. Keep up the great work!! :)