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Saturday, September 13, 2008

starting out slowly

As I've said, I like trying new things. Exploring, learning, growing. Writing the "amber waves of grain" post started me thinking about how I am when starting something new. Generally, I'll research it, then dip my toe in. See if the water's fine. If it's enjoyable and is a fit, I'll either keep it as is or expand upon it. And if it's not pleasant, getting out is easy since not a lot has been invested (either financially or emotionally). This applies to pretty much everything I do. Knowing this about me might explain a lot to the people who question why I initially do things on such a small scale (such as a tiny patch of field corn that only yielded 1 bushel or taking my time before approaching a new gallery). 

Some examples of this would be:
Art - I am trying ceramics as an additional medium for my sculptures. I'm pretty excited about what it adds to the mix and will pursue it further. 
Farming - Animals I have tried and not enjoyed were ducks, turkeys, and now pigs. Ones that I liked enough to expand upon are chickens and sheep. While I love the geese, one pair is enough. Non-typical garden crops would be the forage turnips, field corn and now, wheat. I'll be continuing the turnips, expanding the corn, we'll see how the wheat goes. 

What new things are on the horizon? I want to add metal-working (bronze, maybe welding, etc.) to my sculpture repertoire. Future farming ventures may include expanding the garden, adding an orchard, and maybe, just maybe, bees.

Sometimes when trying and incorporating the new, you have to let go of something old, perhaps dear, in order to make room. At times this letting go can be wrenching because it's been a part of your life for so long. Mostly it feels good, almost a relief. When the time for something has come and gone, rather than hanging on with all your strength, it can be quite freeing to let it go and move forward. It unclenches the chest and makes breathing a little easier. And it truly does free you up to be able to see and be open to even more new possibilities.

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