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Thursday, September 11, 2008

amber waves of grain?

Well not quite, it will be more like a ripple, really. Today was spent preparing a new garden bed and planting it with hard red winter wheat. By late next summer if all goes according to plan, it should be ready to harvest. Nearly a year of waiting. The build-up of expectation should be pretty intense. Hopefully the harvest will go smoothly and threshing it will be as easy as I've read about. I'll get back to you next July or August about that.

Someone asked me, "Why wheat?" My response was "Because I can". And while that's part of it, the reasons go a lot deeper than that flippant answer. Deeper than combining the enjoyment of making bread and growing things. The real answer? I love trying something new, exploring options, experimenting, and constantly learning. And what a sense of satisfaction that comes from creating - even something as simple as a wholesome and rustic loaf of bread from your own wheat. If approached from a place of quiet appreciation the things we create have the ability to nourish a small part of the soul. And add beauty to our lives.

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