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Saturday, June 13, 2009

what I'm reading now

Living Seasonally
by Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd

A wonderfully written book that's a pleasure to read. It puts into words so much of what I feel but don't quite know how to express about gardening. You know, like when I get asked why bother growing potatoes when you can buy them for almost nothing... my answer is usually less than eloquent, like "ummm, because it feels good?" There's so much about the love of growing things that's hard to verbalize, but these two guys seem to manage it.

Also at times, when reading this book, I wanted to be them (except for the part about living in Vermont - somewhere warmer is more up my alley).

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Jody M said...

Hello from Adams County!

I hear you about the potatoes. I've been asked 3 times "What are you going to do with all that food?" One person actually asked me "You really think you two can eat all this?" Are you kidding? I was hoping to grow more, actually. Yeah, it feels good. And it tastes better.