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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

honored guests

Yesterday was spent with my sister and her husband at the New Holland horse auction. They were going to look for a pony for their youngest daughter's birthday and I was going, well, because I like those sorts of things. When the smoke cleared, they had bought two ponies instead of just one. Their older daughter already has a small horse, but it's too big for her and they're hoping a smaller one will help build her confidence. These two are very sweet, calm, easy going, and small. Perfect for young girls just starting out. Oh, and they also bought a pony cart - which should be a lot of fun!

Since my niece's birthday isn't until Friday, and the pony is a surprise, they'll be staying in one of my paddocks until then. 

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Jennifer and Steve said...

I LOVE blue-eyed grass too. One of my most favorite plants!