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Saturday, June 27, 2009

some thoughts on gardening and art

To be perfectly honest, I've not been particularly creative or productive, sculpture-wise, for the past two months or more. However, the garden is looking better than it ever has. Pondering this, I realized there was a correlation. The need to create, specifically to create something of beauty, thoughtfulness, and worth is ingrained pretty deeply. So if I'm going to garden, then it needs to be an aesthetically pleasing garden. Productive, yes, but also attractive to the eye. So combined with my love of being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, along with a lifelong enjoyment for growing things, and you have my creative energies going into a garden rather than into sculptures. So all those pieces I've started, along with the ones that are still only an idea in a sketchbook, have been patiently waiting for me to return to them (do they have any choice, really?). And return I will, just as soon as I pull a couple more weeds and admire a few more bee-covered blossoms, and maybe check to see if there are any baby tomatoes yet...

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Sara said...

Nature does provide the most divine inspiration!