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Monday, December 8, 2008

new work

I finally finished the "Two Turtle Doves" sculpture, and I'm pretty happy with it. I took it, along with about 16 bird ornaments, a dove tree topper, and the gameboards down to Diddywopps. Hopefully they'll find good homes in time for Christmas.

I have big hopes for keeping myself very busy next year. Tami at Diddywopps is planning for me to have another show there in the fall and for that, I'd like to have about 20 pieces, eight of which are finished. I'd also like to complete all twelve days of Christmas as table-top pieces and perhaps try to get them exhibited somewhere as an entire series - hopefully during this time next year. Then there are thoughts of another series percolating in my brain - using fairy tales or children's stories as inspiration. Thankfully I have no deadline either self-imposed or otherwise for this one. Lastly, I'd really like to do an oversized chess set - but not, of course, a normal one. Perhaps something with birds and sheep...

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Sheltie Owner said...

Be-u-t-ful. Well done.