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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

from planting the seed to the table - cornbread!

So I made the first batch of cornbread from my own corn. Very exciting (what can I say - it seriously doesn't take much)! How satisfying to go from planting the seeds in the ground, to watching it grow all summer, harvesting, drying, shelling, grinding, and baking. And then to be able to serve it for a family Sunday dinner is like icing on the cake - or honey on the cornbread, as the case may be.

Recently I was asked if I toasted the corn. Nooooooo, was I supposed to? Well apparently, that's what some people do. No idea why other than maybe it adds to the flavor. I'll have to try that next time and see just what the difference is.

At any rate, I ground the corn using a "family grain miller" attachment for my KitchenAide stand mixer. Great invention - pour the corn in and wait for it to be ground up. It had to go through twice. Once to do a really rough grind, and then again to get it to the desired fineness. 

Here's the recipe...

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Sharon Gilligan said...

YUM - love corn bread!!!