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Thursday, December 4, 2008

egg and nest checkers

This is the checkers set that I started way back in August. Once an egg is "kinged", it gets a crown. Very fun. The checkers and their crowns are made of earthenware. The board is made from a birch ply, and trimmed with tulip poplar wood. Multiple coats of paint, a lot of sanding, and a final coat of a hand-rubbed wax finishes it off. My nieces and nephew can't decide which checker set they like best - the house themed one, the checker birds, or this one. I probably will end up making each of them a game board of their own for Christmas. Longer term, I still want to make a chess set. I've got ideas rolling around in my head for it, I just need the time.

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Patty said...

that is just too cute. Great creativity