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Sunday, August 31, 2008

the Long's Park Fine Art and Craft Festival

The Long's Park Art and Craft Festival is held on Labor Day weekend every year.It is considered the #4 fine art and craft show in America. I went yesterday with a couple of friends and as usual, it was a wonderful experience. In addition to the art show, there is also a large area where local restaurants serve up their specialties all day long with live music to enjoy under a nearby tent. Overall the festival is a feast for the senses, with art, food, and music set amidst a backdrop of grass, trees, and water. I encourage you to go.

The 200+ artists set up their tents all around the pond in the shade of the trees. With such a wide variety of mediums and styles, the art was truly inspiring. To the right in the photo below, you can see a portion of one of the massive kinetic sculptures that were on display. When lightly touched, that giant ring would sway gently back and forth. Seeing the environmentally-sized sculptures reminded me once again that I want to learn to work with metal. Big pieces. Ones that would look at home displayed in my pasture or my woods. This is one of my goals.

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