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Thursday, August 28, 2008

a woody sort of day

Free Mulch!

This heaping pile of mulch was delivered this morning courtesy of the power company. They were cutting back the trees under the power line in front of my house yesterday and kindly agreed to let me have it. After a bit of aging, it will be perfect for garden paths, around the base of trees, and in flower beds. So while I wasn't excited about the trees being pruned so heavily, at least some good came of it, and this mulch can go to work enriching the soil.

My winter's heat also arrived today - four truck loads of firewood. Since this will be my first full winter using the wood stove, I'm hoping I estimated correctly and won't need to use the oil furnace. 

I feel good about today's deliveries. The mulch will be adding to the health of next year's garden and the arrival of the fire wood is the first of my winter preparations. As a matter of fact, I almost don't dread winter, knowing the house will be toasty and warm.

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