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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

we're in the big time now

So this is the big announcement... drum roll please...
Tulip Tree Hill is the featured seller at doleaf for the first two weeks of March. What is doleaf you ask? Well, in their own words, doleaf is "A place to connect with and buy from specialty nurseries and independent garden centers." That's right, now you can buy all the plants you want without ever leaving the comfort of your own home and garden. Great news for those of you who are hermits, or even those who live halfway across the country (or all the way, for that matter). Because if you've been drooling over thoughts of sun-warmed Bloody Butcher tomatoes sprinkled with Lime Basil, or icy cold Missouri Yellow Flesh watermelons, then you're in luck - no matter where you live.*

Of course if you're close enough, it would still be fun to meet you at one of the herb fairs if you can make it, and if not, you're always welcome to make arrangements to visit the farm. But if that's just not possible, then mail order is the next best thing!

Be sure to check out the really nice article that doleaf wrote about the farm.

*Unless of course it's in one of those states that has severe restrictions on plant importations, then sorry.


Bob Monk said...
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Michelle said...

WooHoo -- congrats!

Sheltie Owner said...

Wow! I read the article--I am thrilled for you. What a great step forward for Tulip Tree Hill.


Teri said...

That is a terrific article! Congratulations! So exciting to see things happening for you and the farm!!