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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

future residents

I got busy this morning and made arrangements for some additional residents here on the hill.

First, chickens. Specifically, Blue Silkies. When you have truly free-ranging chickens, things happen to them. Often unpleasant things. Becoming dinner for hawks, drowning in the sheep's water tank, or falling behind a stack of hay and getting stuck there. Like that. It's sad to find the evidence of a mishap, and thankfully, so far I haven't become immune to it. After all, it should touch us when a creature in our care comes to a bad end. This past year was tougher than most for the chickens and just a remnant remains. And so thirty peeps will be arriving in early May. Silkies, because they can't fly over the fence and make trouble in the market garden. Plus, they're cute as heck. And hey, I need my animals to be aesthetically pleasing.

Next, something I've been pondering for the past year and a half - honey bees. These girls are at least as big a step for me as the bumbles. Although I won't have to work near their home on a daily basis like the bumbles, I will need to actually get into their hive every once in a while. At least once a year if I want any honey. I can see it now - I'll be bundled up like that little kid in "A Christmas Story", except in white. Should be a hoot.


Penny said...

You lucky womann! Silkies! I am sooo very jealous. I've wanted Silkies forever but can't make myself pay the extra $$ it costs to get sexed chicks.
I live in a small town and can only have girls within the city limits.

The blue Silkies are my favorites. =)

Teri said...

Oh silkies are just adorable! I haven't had any for a few years now, but my favorite one I had was a buff little girl I called Phyllis (because of her striking resemblence to Phyllis Diller lol)
I'm not ordering any from the catalog this year - don't need that many, but would like to pick up a few at the feed store when they come in. :) :) Have fun with those little peeps - cait wait for pics of them!

Sheltie Owner said...

Honey bees!? How did we go from bumble (cute) to honey bees (stingers!)? You are the bravest person I know.