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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the roving band of hoodlums

This morning, the dogs alerted me to the fact that we had visitors. Going to the door to see who was here, I found the local roving band of hoodlums in the driveway. Looking for trouble. As I went out to greet them, they laughed at me. I laughed right back. We stood there chuckling together for a few minutes before they decided to move along.

These guys have been seen hanging around the area for the past couple of weeks and I'm so happy they decided to stop in for a brief visit today. It's so nice to get company, don't you think?

I offered them a little corn and some chicken food, but they didn't seem all that interested.

'Bye guys, see you around!

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Sheltie Owner said...

Are these *wild* turkeys? Or just some out for a stroll from the next farm over? Turkeys are very twitchy and will take off at the slightest sound. How amazing you got so close!

Again, I'm thinking you need a Sheltie to herd your guests to the table. (grin)