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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

oh the indignity of it!

Yesterday the shearer came and gave all the sheep their yearly haircuts. They are half the sheep they used to be without all that wool. Poor Jack looks pretty scrawny next to the rather "robust" babydolls, and William is cuter than ever with his big fat legs and ever-sweet expression. Jack is in front with William the ram right behind him. Mayapple is to the left, trying to get into the picture, and Rosebud is heading out at the top left. You can see all the different colors, very beautiful.
The shearer agreed with me that both ewes look pregnant. Rosebud will probably lamb first, maybe by mid-April and I'm estimating Mayapple's due date to be the end of April.


Sheltie Owner said...

Your farm will be bursting at the seams this spring! Please email me and let me know when the lambs come. I want to come see them.


Sara said...

When our sheep (Shetlands also)are sheared, they seem so grateful to finally be able to have a good scratch! Do you suppose wool is itchy to sheep, also? (:

Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

I don't know about itchy, but of course as soon as they were shorn, we've had a string of cold damp days and so they are spending more time in the barn than is normal for them.