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Monday, February 9, 2009

winter doldrums suggestion #6: grow something

suggestion #6: grow some sprouts!
What's not to love about fresh sprouts? I especially love alfalfa sprouts. The problem is finding some in the grocery store that are fresh and not half wilted or dead looking. Taking the matter into my own hands, I decided to try to grow my own, because seriously - how hard can it be? There's a great resource online to get you started. The company is called "The Sprout People" and their web site address is www.sproutpeople.com. You can get everything you need there from seeds to containers in which to sprout them. More seeds than you can imagine. I decided to start with some that I knew I liked (alfalfa and mung beans) and also one that would be new to me, at least in sprout form (peas). I also got three lid/screen combos that will fit on wide mouth jars to do the sprouting in. You could also go to your nearest health food store for the seeds and just use canning jars and rings with some cheesecloth. This doesn't have to be an elaborate or expensive proposition. 

So hit back at winter and give it a try - truly fresh alfalfa sprouts on a salad or sandwich, or mung bean sprouts in a stir fry are great!


Sheltie Owner said...

FYI - A friend of mine feed her dog brocoli sprouts as a cancer preventative measure. The dog was diagnosed with bladder cancer...a year ago! Seems to be working.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I have all the screens (and of course, plenty of jars) but haven't used them for years. I really should pick up some seeds and grow some sprouts for Brian and I. I have some adzuki beans here; I wonder how those would work?