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Saturday, February 28, 2009

love is in the air

Jack with his friend.

This morning while feeding the animals, I looked out in the pasture and witnessed the strangest and yet most endearing display of affection. Jack, the shetland wether and this young, previously unattached goose have apparently taken up together in a gentle, though odd love affair. Nuzzling and rubbing each other, they seemed quite content to let others of their own species go about their business, while they kept company. When I went back out with camera in hand, Ms. Goose seemed a bit shy of flaunting their relationship in front of the paparazzi even though Jack had no such qualms. And you can see him here gently rubbing his face against her shoulder while she coyly looks away. Very sweet.


Jennifer and Steve said...

SO sweet! It's great you captured the love in a photograph. They might try to deny it later. :) jennifer

Becky Utecht said...

That is sweet Kathy! Reminds me of a Brown Chinese goose that came to live with us years ago after her favorite horse died. She was so attached to that horse...after he was gone she took off on her own and eventually made her way to live with the geese at our place. She was a great layer and a great mom.

furrybees said...

I don't think I can avoid using the term "sweet" either! It is so.

Sheltie Owner said...

Love is love in any language.


Sharon Gilligan said...