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Friday, December 11, 2009

guilty (or is it innocent?) pleasure

Construction on the greenhouse is complete! The only things left are for the electrician to run wire to the heaters, fans, and roof vent; and for the fuel company to deliver propane tanks and hook them up.

I've been going out to check on the temperature the last couple of days and I must say that when the sun is shining, it is just delicious in there, even without supplemental heat. Today it was just to much for me - it was 26° outside with a bitter wind, while in the greenhouse, it was balmy and extremely humid. As the moisture from the soil evaporated, it condensed on the roof before dripping back down - my own personal rain forest. What can I say? I caved. Brought a lawn chair and a book and sat for an hour, basking in the sunshine and warm mist, reading. Heaven on earth.


Michelle said...

Oh neat; an early pay-back for all your hard work and investment!

Conny said...

That does sound pretty neat! Your own little oasis. It must be nice to have the project complete.

Jennifer and Steve said...

That sounds fantastic! Yay for you. :)

Sheltie Owner said...

And they say Global Warming is a myth. =:O)

Glad to see your greenhouse is finished. Now comes the fun of stocking it, eh?