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Sunday, November 30, 2008

doing the things I love

Ahhhhh, finally the day that I've been hoping to have for a couple of weeks has arrived. A day without obligations. No one calling me or needing me, no work to be done - just a free day. First on my agenda was to work on a sculpture I was hoping to have done and delivered to the gallery by Thanksgiving (since it is a Christmas-themed one). It is the second of twelve in a series, and here is the one I did last year...
A Partridge in a Pear Tree
So, yes, this year it is Two Turtle Doves. I should probably do more than one a year or I'll be at this for the next ten years! This one ought to be finished by next weekend because the hard part, which was making myself go out and work in the unheated woodshop is done (I really hate being cold). After that comes the fun part, which is painting, assembling, and finishing all of the various components. In the top photo I'm just waiting for the epoxy on the wire legs to dry before starting the painting process.

The next item on my agenda was starting a batch of hard cider. Never having done this before, it's kind of exciting. Hopefully it will turn out right and not become vinegar. I almost waited too long to do this. Cider season is nearly over and the little farm stand where I really wanted to get the cider from was out for the year. They press their own apples and don't pasteurize or add any preservatives. Plus it's really fresh. 

Last on my agenda for the day is to sit and read while having a nice hot cup of coffee. Tough day, huh? Yeah, well, I needed it. Tomorrow I have to jump back into earning a living, which means phone calls and deadlines.

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