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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Key Within

More keys and hearts... here is another piece incorporating ceramic stoneware. She holds her heart as though in offering, but protects the secret holding the key to it by keeping it in a barbed wire cage. Somewhat sad and pensive, there is still an element of hope.

The woman's head, torso and arms are made of stoneware. She has thin black wire for hair, and is hand painted with oils. The heart is carved from tulip poplar with an antique keyhole. Her skirt is of old barbed wire. The bird is hand carved, again of tulip poplar and is painted with acrylics. It is holding an antique key while perched on a tree made of wire, epoxy, paper, and acrylic paint. The base is tulip poplar and is finished with black gesso and wax.

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